residential solutions

residential solutions

An automated home uses technology to control and manage devices and systems such as audio, video, lights, shades, etc. It can be programmed or controlled in real-time from a control panel, mobile application, or virtual assistant. Automating certain tasks can make the house more energy-efficient and allow for remote control and monitoring.



A multi-zone audio system is a sound solution that allows for the playback of different audio sources in different areas of a home, controlling the volume and music selection independently.                           It can be controlled through mobile devices to provide convenience and flexibility to the user.                                                                                       With this system, you can enjoy your favorite streaming music in any area of your home without compromising on sound quality or music control.


A professional home cinema system is a set of equipment and electronic devices that provide a high-quality entertainment experience at home. This system includes a high-definition screen, a high-resolution projector, a high-quality Dolby Atmos surround sound system, and may include advanced audio and video technologies and a home automation control system. Careful selection of components and attention to room acoustics are essential to achieve an immersive and high-quality home cinema experience.


Home automation allows controlling various functions of the home, such as audio, video, lighting, shades, security, heating, and appliances, through a single device or multiple connected devices. It can be controlled through a panel, remote control, mobile application, or voice commands, and its goal is to improve user comfort and security, as well as optimize energy and money usage.


A set of surveillance cameras connected to a surveillance and recording system, installed in a property for its protection and monitoring. The cameras can be strategically located and connected to a wired network to send real-time images and record them to a storage unit. The system can be programmed to alert the owners in case of motion or sound detection, and may include advanced features such as facial or voice recognition. It provides additional peace of mind and security to the property and its residents.


A home network system consists of devices such as a router, switch, Wi-Fi access points, media server, and other network devices, which are interconnected to provide internet connectivity, communication, and resource sharing within the home. This system allows users to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of having a communication and entertainment network in their home.