COMMERCIAL solutions

COMMERCIAL solutions

We develop a set of high-end technological solutions with cutting-edge equipment for multi-zone ambient music systems, PAVA systems, automated audiovisual systems, lighting and shades automation systems, LED screens, room scheduling systems, interactive displays, sound masking, security cameras and networks.


Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Retails, Gyms, Education, Temples, Hospitals, Entertainment Venues, Corporate Offices, Smart Buildings, Sports Fields & Mass Transit.


A multizone ambient music system is an audio solution that allows music to be played in several areas with independent volume control and different music sources. It consists of amplifiers, speakers, audio mixers, and zone controllers.

It is ideal for public places such as restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, and shops, and it can be controlled from a central panel or mobile devices. It allows programming different playlists and changing music remotely to adapt to different events or activities.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping malls, Restail stores, Gyms, etc.


The PAVA system is a voice messaging and alarm system used in public buildings to transmit emergency messages and other important announcements. It is composed of speakers distributed throughout the building and a centralized control system that allows the diffusion of pre-recorded or live messages. Its main function is to provide clear and effective communication in emergency situations to quickly evacuate people from the building safely.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Airports, Train Stations, etc.


The automated audiovisual systems are technological solutions that allow the management and control of audio, video, lighting, security and other electronic equipment present in public and private spaces. These systems facilitate user interaction with different devices and provide a more comfortable, safe and efficient experience. The systems can be customized according to the specific needs of each space and user, offering scalable and adaptable solutions.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Board rooms, Meeting rooms, Directories, Multipurpose rooms, etc.


Lighting and shades automation systems automatically control the lighting and window shade systems in a building. They use sensors and programming to adjust the lighting and shades according to the users’ needs, offering convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced security. They are easy to install and customizable to meet the unique needs of each building.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Corporate Office, Corporate Buildings, etc.


LED screens are displays composed of light-emitting diodes that are arranged in pixels to display images and videos. They are popular for their high brightness, durability, and energy efficiency, and are commonly used for advertising, digital signage, and large outdoor displays. There are two main types of LED screens: SMD and THT. SMDs are used in modern displays due to their high resolution and image quality, while THTs are used in older displays. LED screens are used in a variety of environments, from stadiums and shopping malls to television studios and theaters.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Monitoring rooms, Digital signage, Retail windows, Stages, Outdoor advertising, etc.


A room scheduling system is a software tool that allows users to book spaces for events or meetings in buildings or facilities. It offers features such as space reservation, reservation management, calendar synchronization, resource management, and report generation. It is a valuable tool for any organization that needs to coordinate and manage the use of spaces in their facilities. By automating the booking and management process, these systems can save time and reduce the possibility of conflicts in space usage.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Board rooms, Meeting rooms, Directories, Multipurpose rooms, etc.


An Interactive Display is a device that combines a high-quality touchscreen with specialized technology to enable real-time interaction and collaboration. These displays are used in various settings such as conference rooms, classrooms, and training centers. They allow for the display of multimedia content and interaction with the touchscreen, facilitating active user participation in the learning or communication process. In summary, they are a powerful tool for interactive visual communication.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Board rooms, Meeting rooms, Directories, Multipurpose rooms, etc.


Sound masking is a technique used to reduce the impact of noise in a particular environment. It involves creating a constant background sound, called white noise, which is played in the environment at a volume low enough not to distract the people working or living there. The goal is for the background sound to «mask» unwanted noise, such as conversations or machine sounds, making them less noticeable and annoying for people. Sound masking is used in offices, hospitals, hotels, and other environments where privacy, concentration, and acoustic comfort are required.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Corporate Office, Hospitals, etc.


Security cameras are electronic devices designed to capture images and videos of specific areas for the purpose of enhancing security and preventing theft, acts of vandalism, and other crimes. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, be fixed or mobile, and use high-definition technology with advanced features such as motion detection and night vision. They can be monitored in real-time by a security team or remotely controlled through an application on a smartphone or tablet. They are an important tool for improving the security of homes, businesses, and public spaces.

APPLICATIONS :                                                                                                       Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Restail stores, Gyms, Corporate Office, Corporate Buildings, etc.


Internal networks of the Internet are computer systems used within an organization or company that allow communication and resource sharing between devices. These networks are usually LANs connected to the Internet through a router or gateway and use technologies and protocols such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, DNS, and DHCP. They are managed and configured by the organization’s IT personnel to ensure their security and efficient use of network resources.


Hotels, Corporate Office, Hospitals, etc.